Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics

The amazing properties of the mucus of the snail is known since antiquity and used by the time of Hippocrates in traditional medicine. We could categorize it and as 'magic potion' 'and has a host of therapeutic properties that involve almost all operating systems of humans. Produced by Snail albumen gland and proteinaceous substance similar to antibodies. It consists of Allantoin-glycolic acid-Collagen Elastin-GAG-Water and other specific peptides.
The farm located in Lily Serres an ideal setting area of ​​8 acres where we breed snails species Helix Aspersa Maxima. Harvesting of mucus is respectful of snails and taking into account all the necessary sanitary measures. We are the only company in Greece that produce mucus certified by the State General Laboratory and one of the few in Europe.


-Day cream with snail slime, Aloe Vera and Chios Mastic extract

Day cream moisturizer to remove dead skin cells, giving bright look. With strong anti-wrinkle and anti-aging action


Snail secretion filtrate, Aloe Vera, Chios mastic, steatic acid, jojoba  Oil, triethanolamin, Almond Oil, catyl alcohol, nipagin/nipasol


-Day cream with snail mucus, Vitamin E and Sweet almond

Immediate absorption facial day cream for all skin types. Resulting in dewy, luminous skin while instantly repairs skin's moisture. Moisturizing and antioxidant.

Aqua,Caprylic Capric Triclycerine,Vegetable Glycerin,Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis(Sweet Almond) oil, Sorbitan Olivate,Glyceryl Stearate, Snail Secretion filtrate, Xanthan Gum,Viatmin E, Phenoxythanol, Disodium EDTA


-Anti-wrinkle night cream

Anti-wrinkle night cream rich action
It protects and strengthens the skin and offers gentle exfoliating action.
With snail mucus-Hyaluronic acid and Butter Karite.


aqua, vegetable glycerin, Snail secretion filtrate, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Sorbitan olivate, Glyceryl stearate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil,caprylic capric triglyceride, Sodium hyaluronate, xanthan gum, vitamin E,phenoxythanol, disodium edta


-Day Cream with Pomegranate Extract, Natural Collagen & Donkey milk with Vitamins E and A

Anti-Aging Day Cream for everyday deep hydration

Adding give pomegranate extract antioxidant properties to fight free radicals and eliminate fine lines of the face.

Native collagen is very beneficial for the skin as deeply hydrates, smoothes skin, prevents excessive dehydration and thus decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Giving extra collagen with the use of donkey milk and protection from everyday factors that afflict the skin. So we have every day a beautiful and radiant skin.


-Day Cream with Wine Vinsanto, Natural Collagen and Vitamins E and A

The Vinsanto wine in our skin offers a daily anti-aging protection especially for women over 40 years gives an extra support to this because smoothes expression lines due to strong resveratrol offered our wine Vinsanto, a unique culture become a combination of specific categories of grape.

The use of collagen in this enriching for a smooth skin without wrinkles and very deep hydration that offers us every day, making your skin seems much younger. The use of vitamins in this cream is for stimulating the skin from daily insult to external factors.


-Night Cream with Argan Oil essential oil Rosa Damascena & Donkey milk

The night cream is the most essential day cream because of all the hours of rest is then not influenced by factors external pollutants and overnight stays on our skin hydrating it.

The Argan Oil reconstructs all the cells of our skin is constantly renewing new so every morning the person will always be new and reconstructed.

The Rosa Damaskena oil is a unique variety of rose leaves very rare and unique properties for our skin. The ideal oil for dry and mature skin. Soothes signs of fatigue, fine lines and wrinkles, revitalizes and tones the skin.

The combination of the donkey milk provides unique properties to the face making skin beautiful and uniquely bright for our day.


-Sun  Cream Extract and Honey  &Cotton Ectract

A unique cream for sun protection from the rays of the sun protection factor SPF 15.

The Honey extract is a natural softening agent from the beehive. The low molecular weight, penetrates deep into the skin providing extremely strong hydration.

In combination with cotton extract used for maintaining skin moisture. It helps the cohesion of skin ligaments.


-Men Face Cream Natural Collagen, Milk Rice Donkey Milk  and Vitamins E & A

The male skin needs and that a daily hydration treatment and care with natural collagen offering a very deep hydration and a smooth skin, in combination with rice milk for reconstructing damaged cells from shaving and redness caused by it.

The donkey milk gives a shiny look and sun protection and anti-aging daily treatment.

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