Organic Wines

Organic Wines

Organic wine is wine made from grapes grown in accordance with principles of organic farming.

We made a selection of the most wonderful fruity aroma wines made by the varieties Moschato Aleksandrias(MUSCAT OF ALEXANDRIA) and Limnio.

Dry White Wine
Dry white wine O.P.A.P created from the grapes of “Mosxato Alexandria”. Our grapes are gathered from our organic private vineyard, located in Agios Dimitrios, Limnos (the center of the island). Initially our grapes are pressed and then put through the process of kryoextraction, we ferment the wine at 16 degrees Celsius which unleashed the rich aromas which create the “Mosxato of Alexandrias”.
This wine is best served at 10 degrees Celsius and can be accompanied with fish and white meat.

Dry Red Wine
Dry organic red wine created from a variation of “Limnio” or “Kalambaki” grapes known from ancient scriptures. It’s rich color and characteristic flavors will charm you.
This wine is best served at 16-18 degrees Celsius and can be accompanied with red meats, bread products and cheese.

Semi-Sweet White Wine
Semi-sweet natural white wine created “Mosxato Alexandrias” grapes. To produce this wine we careful pick our sweetest grapes. Its rich aroma will leave you impressed.
This wine is best served at 11-13 degrees Celsius and accompanies well with desserts and fruit.

Organic Retsina wine is also available.

Retsina is a unique style of wine made almost exclusively in Greece - where it has been made for over 2000 years. It is made with a base of white or rosé wine that is flavoured with pine resin. The wine is quite pungent, and people often find it more enjoyable when it is paired with specific Greek cuisine. Retsina also varies widely in quality, and an inferior wine can taste sharp - and has been described as having a turpentine note.