Sea salt

Sea salt

100% Greek sea salt from the salterns of Messolonghi

The first salt in the Greek market without any chemical additives, flow improvers, or anti-caking agents, which are contained in common salt.

 It has not undergone any iodation processing (that is addition of synthetic iodine); it contains the iodine which is naturally contained in sea salt, which is the one that is recognized and absorbed by the human organism.

Coarse or fine available in 800gr polybag and in bulk 25kg packaging.


Black truffle Fleur De Sel from Messinian bay in Peloponnese also available.

No added preservatives or flavorings, the truffle immediately after collection, washed and ground in the mill just before mixed with salt. Thus, the salt absorbs all the flavors of the truffle and reserves for long time. The crystals dissolve in the mouth, leaving a mild, sensual flavor

Available in 50gr jars.

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