Greek Mountain Tea Organic

Greek Mountain Tea Organic

Organic Mountain Tea (Sideritis Raeseri) Greek Mountain Tea,Tsae tou vounou. It is the most popular herb in Greece with mild and pleasant flavor!

Mountain Tea or Sideritis, a herb that is used widely as an aromatic and warming beverage, especially during the winter due to its inflammatory properties.Naturally caffeine-free and rich in essential oils, that has been traditionally used as a natural remedy for colds.You can add oregano, or a little cinnamon and honey to improve the taste and benefits.

Rich in flavonoid Greek mountain tea is a good antioxidant.


The whole process of cultivation is traditional, that is without the use of  modern agricultural machinery and the final product is of excellent quality mountain tea, certified by the Certification & Inspection Organization of Organic Products , according to the EU Organic Regulation 834/2007.



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